The most beautiful packagings of the decade are at ALL4PACK from 14 to 17 November 2016.


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10/10, an amazing Exhibition presented by the Pentawards.

Are you passionate about packaging? Do you want to discover the best? Are you aware that creativity is paramount?

Then come and enjoy the most beautiful packaging designs of the last 10 years. They will be exhibited for the first time - and exclusively - during the ALL4PACK show in Paris from 14 to 17 November 2016.

Grouped into 10 categories, each with 10 exceptional packagings selected from among the winners of the first 10 editions of the Pentawards which have totalled over 11,000 entries in 10 years.

While visiting this 10/10 exhibition, you will discover wonders from more than 25 countries, packagings that you probably do not know but that will all surprise you and will be an incredible inspiration to you.

10/10: 100 outstanding packagings


Selected for their originality, relevance, exemplarity, exoticism, by Jean Jacques and Brigitte Evrard, founders of the Pentawards, the 100 exceptional packagings are classified into 10 categories to enable a pragmatic and meaningful comparative approach. You will discover "the best of the best" of packagings for soft drinks, beers, perfumes & cosmetics, foods, mineral waters, luxury food items, wines, spirits, DIY, cleaning products, ... Japanese, Australian, Greek, American, Canadian, Swedish, Russian, Italian, English, Chinese, Korean and from many other unexpected countries such as Kazakhstan, Armenia, Slovakia and Cyprus!

10 years of creative development.

With the wide variety of these packages, you will have a global vision of the best, the most creative, the smartest over the past decade. Enough to feed your packaging design passion, your creativity, your knowledge of the markets. You will be amazed to see how a washing powder is packaged in South Korea, how eggs are packed in England, rubber boots in Kazakstan, toilet paper in Japan, beer in Russia, caviar in Switzerland, wine in Sweden ... 10x10 packagings, each one more amazing than the others.

In Paris for 4 days - Only at ALL4PACK - booth 7K115

In this 10/10 exhibition, you will discover collectors packagings, which often can't be found in the market today but have fortunately been treasured by the Pentawards. Do not miss this exceptional and ephemeral exhibition.

In addition... books to be won

Come along and meet the creators of these wonders, listen to them talk about packaging and trends on the TV shows organised by ALL4PACK, talk with the founders of the Pentawards, attend the opening of this outstanding exhibition, choose and vote for your favourite packaging in each of the 10 categories... every day you'll have a chance to win one of five books about the Pentawards, published by Taschen.

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